ahem. Saturday, Jul 2 2011 

To the person who keeps requesting the password for my blog:





That is all.

:/ Monday, Mar 15 2010 

Hi. It’s still not working. I guess this is all I’m going to use this thing for, letting certain assholes know that they can’t steal my blog. Hm.

:D Tuesday, Aug 19 2008 

Hi. It’s still not working. I guess this is all I’m going to use this thing for, letting certain assholes know that they can’t steal my blog. Hm.

Ahem Saturday, Jun 23 2007 

To the dumbass(es) who keep trying to steal my WordPress blog/password…you’re not going to get it. I still use it for commenting, and the occasional blog entry. When you hit the “reset password” button on my site, it sends an e-mail to ME, not your stupid ass, and since I’ve never requested a reminder for password, I know it’s you fucktards trying to get it. Come up with your own site name and stop trying to get mine…you’re never going to get it. Take that as a warning, past, present, and future idiots who want my blog name….you ain’t gettin’ it. Bitches.

Thief Thursday, Dec 14 2006 

yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this thing…got a bit sidetracked with my LJ and Vox in June. Some sniveling son of a bitch tried to get my password yesterday, but it didn’t work. WP e-mailed me about it, and that’s why I’m blogging today. You’re not going to get this blog bitch, so stop trying.

Change in Format Monday, May 22 2006 

I've decided to use my wordpress blog for something a little more positive and uplifting. What you won't find here are the cynical quips, sarcastic musings and depressing rants. I've decided that I need to become a different person this year (mentally, physically, and spiritually), and I'll be using this blog to help me accomplish that. It will be moved in-house within a month, at which point it will be devoted entirely to diet and exercise. Give me a minute to work on this, k?

Okay, soooo…. Thursday, May 4 2006 

I forgot this thing existed until a few days ago, so I decided to update. I'm living on my own now (sorta), I got a job in January and am still working there, and I got the bursar off my back. I'm also in school, but out for the summer and won't resume classes until August. This summer is going to be about work, work, and more work. I may even start a Niteflirt thing to bring in extra money. I don't know about that though, since I don't live on my own entirely. I have roommates who might hear me.

Site Update…and Other Stuff Thursday, Dec 29 2005 

I’ve finally finished compiling the resources I need to start my new layout. HTML, CSS, Macromedia, and the fine gamut of Adobe graphics-editing programs will be occuping my time for the next several days. That, and looking for a job and apartment so I can continue my studies next semester (Damn bursar’s account!). If I get the job I’m eyeing right now, I’ll definitely be able to stay here next semester and FINALLY move off campus. The salary is pretty nice, and the job requirements aren’t that stringent. Dear God, I’m really hoping you grant me this job. I need it…badly. I don’t think I can fully express what obtaining this job would do for me. For starters, it would help me in getting my debts under control. Restoration of a good credit rating anyone? I could move out on my own, get a car, start my life. On the downside, it would mean dropping to part-time status and losing some financial aid for a semester. I’m doing everything in my power to keep from having to go home. That would suck SO bad.

Once I get my layout done, I’m gonna move this thing in-house. Or in-site. I intend to keep my Xanga for private blogging purposes. Well, not necessarily private, because there are a select few of my Xanga buddies that will get the new domain. People who knew me in the past (and some that I didn’t always like, if I did in the first place) read my Xanga. They also read my blog at Myspace. I need to have something that they aren’t aware of.

Introductions, Anyone? Tuesday, Dec 27 2005 

Yeah, I’ve always been bad at introducing myself, but since I created this thing, I might as well take a stab at it. My name’s Jennifer; I’m 21 (fully legal bitches). I’m currently pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Human Resource Management at a university located in the south. I’m also minoring in Women’s Studies. I could be more specific than that, but one thing I’ve learned from my cam girl friends is that one has to use discretion when talking about one’s life. Anyway, moving on…I’m a Texas native and damn proud of it. My pride in being a Texan is often overshadowed by my obvious desire to leave the South. I love Texas, but I’m ready to travel and live in other places, preferably the Northeast. I also want to mention that nothing about me is distinctly Southern; no Southern accent, mannerisms, behaviors, mentality/attitude/mindset, etc. In short, people can’t tell that I’m from Texas or the South by just speaking to me. I use this to my advantage quite often, :D.

And that’s about it. Do I sound interesting?