Yeah, I’ve always been bad at introducing myself, but since I created this thing, I might as well take a stab at it. My name’s Jennifer; I’m 21 (fully legal bitches). I’m currently pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Human Resource Management at a university located in the south. I’m also minoring in Women’s Studies. I could be more specific than that, but one thing I’ve learned from my cam girl friends is that one has to use discretion when talking about one’s life. Anyway, moving on…I’m a Texas native and damn proud of it. My pride in being a Texan is often overshadowed by my obvious desire to leave the South. I love Texas, but I’m ready to travel and live in other places, preferably the Northeast. I also want to mention that nothing about me is distinctly Southern; no Southern accent, mannerisms, behaviors, mentality/attitude/mindset, etc. In short, people can’t tell that I’m from Texas or the South by just speaking to me. I use this to my advantage quite often, :D.

And that’s about it. Do I sound interesting?