Change in Format Monday, May 22 2006 

I've decided to use my wordpress blog for something a little more positive and uplifting. What you won't find here are the cynical quips, sarcastic musings and depressing rants. I've decided that I need to become a different person this year (mentally, physically, and spiritually), and I'll be using this blog to help me accomplish that. It will be moved in-house within a month, at which point it will be devoted entirely to diet and exercise. Give me a minute to work on this, k?


Okay, soooo…. Thursday, May 4 2006 

I forgot this thing existed until a few days ago, so I decided to update. I'm living on my own now (sorta), I got a job in January and am still working there, and I got the bursar off my back. I'm also in school, but out for the summer and won't resume classes until August. This summer is going to be about work, work, and more work. I may even start a Niteflirt thing to bring in extra money. I don't know about that though, since I don't live on my own entirely. I have roommates who might hear me.